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A big hello to Robson…
...the newest member of our team!
A big hello to Robson…

Some of you may have noticed a little bird hanging around our website?  It appears here and there, popping up to say something profound (well, perhaps not profound but we’re working on it!).  We wanted a little mascot for our business so we asked our esteemed designers (Torpedo) to find a bird that local twitchers could recognise.   The guys suggested a lapwing and sent us a few rough sketches.

We chose the cutest and then embarked upon trying to find a name for him (or her).  As our holding page went up (see image below), we racked our brains for weeks, asked our twitter followers, asked our family and friends and after much to-ing and fro-ing… we couldn’t resist but to call him Robson, in tribute to Northumberland’s very own hero, Robson Green.   So, there you have it, our mascot is born and you may see him from time to time, banging out the odd “Unchained Melody“,  commenting on interior design (?!?) or perhaps announcing a special offer from time to time… 🙂

Who knows what the future may hold for little Robson the Lapwing but what we do know is that Robson Green’s Tales of Northumberland will return for a second TV series in Spring 2015, showing off more of this beautiful county’s treasures…  In the meantime, you may want to travel back in time to view Robson and Jerome’s rendition of Unchained Melody. Of course, equally you may not! Click here if you dare –> Robson and Jerome – Unchained Melody – Top of the Pops original broadcast.

Please join us in welcoming (our) Robson to the team!

A handful of other names suggested:  Albert, Barnabus, Larry, Loretta, Rolo, George, Hugo, Humphrey, Lorraine, Ralph, Leo, Nigel.


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