Bamburgh Barn, Crewe Courtyard, Front Street, Bamburgh, NE69 7BJ
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A birds eye view on interior design at the Barn…
Searching for that little je ne sais quoi...
Bamburgh Barn
A birds eye view on interior design at the Barn…

Hello all, Robson the Lapwing here!

As Bamburgh Barn’s little mascot, I thought it was about time I made my first very own post. It was suggested that I may have a little interest in interior design and that I may fly in (that’s the 2nd lame pun out of the way) from time to time 🙂

So, in my first post about some of the design elements at Bamburgh Barn, I thought we would start with one of the largest (and the thing that our guests have asked us about the most!)

Mr and Mrs BB (Bamburgh Barn’s owners) were looking for a rather magnificent table for their guests to eat, drink and be merry at.  Something that fitted with the feel of the Barn, high quality, something with a little, je ne sais quoi.  Big enough to fit everyone around with spare room for a full blown game of R-I-S-K to remain at one end for the whole week! Something just right…

It was a tough challenge, a trip around the usual suspects didn’t turn anything up and neither did the internet. Too standard, too bland too long to wait or far too expensive.  Fortunately, a little birdie (that’s bad pun no. 3 btw) told me of a great little business at the other end of the country, in Devon, about 500 miles away.

Using reclaimed pine or oak, Jane and Joseph make each of their bespoke tables and benches individually by hand.  They have a number of styles, some excellent waxes for the pine or oak and will paint the legs and frame in your favourite Farrow and Ball colour! Hoorah! And the really cool thing is that they will make the exact size table you are looking for! Not too big, not too small, just right, a la goldilocks! The service is splendid and they even send you some photos from their workshop once it’s finished and ready to be shipped! See pics below…

The Barn proudly plays home to one of Jane and Joseph’s beautiful creations.  A 8ft x 3.5ft reclaimed pine table, Fiddes supreme wax, with it’s frame and 5″ legs finished in Blue Ground (no. 210) Farrow and Ball.  The Barn also has two matching benches (one for the side and one for the end of the table) and the custom made coffee table.   An 8 x 3.5ft is around £950 including delivery, a 7ft bench (to fit under the table) is around £225.

As anyone who has sat at the table will tell you, it really is a gorgeous thing and you really should check out J & J’s websites here and here.  In fact, two of Bamburgh Barn’s guests have done exactly that following their stay, going ahead and ordering their own!  Not bad stats as the Barn has only been open since July 26 2014!   Getting a little jealous of their lovely guests, Mr and Mrs BB also just ordered another 8 x 3.5 footer with Plummet F&B (no. 272) for their own home!

The waiting list if growing but if you’re quick, you may just get one in time for Christmas!

Warm wishes,

Robson the Lapwing x

NB: Robson nor the owners of Bamburgh Barn have any interest in the business mentioned above, they make damn fine products so thought the world should know about it!


Bamburgh Barn

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