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240 reasons to visit Northumberland…
Northumberland as you've never seen her before...
Bamburgh Holiday Cottage
240 reasons to visit Northumberland…

We love Northumberland… We are proud to be in Northumberland!

And you can see her at her beautiful, rugged best by clicking on the link here>>> Northumberland as you you’ve never seen her before…

We called the post “240 reasons…” because there are 60 seconds in a minute and 4 minutes in this movie.  In spite of this lame bit of word play (!) we really do think that every single second of this movie provides a reason to visit Northumberland (well, apart from the producers opening credits perhaps!) 🙂

The movie captures the beauty of her countryside, her beaches and her castles.   The superbly shot film was a teaser for the first series of “Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green” which aired last year (and will return in Spring 2015 for another series). In the short film you will see some gorgeous aerial footage of all that Northumberland has to offer.  Look at how crowded the beaches are in Summer (not very), look how golden the beaches are (very) and how blue the sea is (oooo-yeah….!).  See how many Castles there are to explore along the coast (lot’s! ) and how much more scenery there is to be seduced by (oodles!).

So, enjoy the film and soundtrack and do come and visit us all here in Northumberland soon!  You won’t regret it!

With warmest wishes from Bamburgh Barn! 🙂


PS – In case you were wondering, the soundtrack is a song called Summer Long performed by Xylos

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