Bamburgh Barn, Crewe Courtyard, Front Street, Bamburgh, NE69 7BJ
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A birds eye view on interior design at the Barn…

Hello all, Robson the Lapwing here! As Bamburgh Barn’s little mascot, I thought it was about time I made my first very own post. It was suggested that I may have a little interest in interior design and that I may fly in (that’s the 2nd lame pun out of the way) from time to time 🙂 So, in my first post about some of the design elements at Bamburgh Barn, I thought we would start with one of the largest (and the thing that our guests have asked us about the most!) Mr and Mrs BB (Bamburgh Barn’s owners) were looking for a rather magnificent table for their guests to eat, drink and be merry at.  Something that fitted with the feel of the Barn, high quality, something with a little, je ne sais quoi.  Big enough to fit everyone around with spare room for a full blown game of R-I-S-K to remain at one end for the whole week! Something just right… It was a tough challenge, a trip around the usual suspects didn’t turn anything up and neither did the internet. Too standard, too bland too long to wait or far too expensive.  Fortunately, a little birdie (that’s bad pun no. 3 […]

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